Morgahn Grey managed the sale of our house in Meeks Bay while we were living four hours away, cleaning up and managing the repairs from a bear break in, and handling the complications of a challenging buyer. We never had to get involved and the closing process and sale price were better than we expected.  In thirty years of buying and selling homes, we have never had an agent work harder on our behalf.

Jim and Renée Ward

You would never know Morgahn has so many clients. She has made me feel like I am her only client since the day I met her! Morgahn helped us buy and sell several pieces of Tahoe real estate and each time has given advice as if I’m her sister: she tells me when to give more, take less, own the struggle and also to bask in the happiness of a final sale. Morgahn is an absolute pleasure to work with; someone who loves Tahoe and wants the best for this amazing place. And also someone who is business savvy and wants the utmost for her clients.

We are currently working with Morgahn on a sale and she has stepped up in every way. Being from the Bay Area, we rely on her to take care of local needs. She has arranged for so many vendors to come through for us, and is also helping us manage tenant needs. It is particularly difficult to schedule fix-up jobs during this busy time, and to schedule showings during COVID, but Morgahn has done it all seamlessly.

We found Morgahn on a whim over 8 years ago and she has been our trusted guide ever since. She is truly a Tahoe gem and I can’t recommend her enough.

Anne Lee Lowinger

I have loved Lake Tahoe all my life and always wanted a house by the Lake. My spouse and I looked at every possible property for an exhaustive 8 years.

When we met Morgahn, we knew she was our broker. Morgahn stuck thru 8 years of looking, making offers, losing houses, not finding what we wanted - the works!

It was her vivacious quality that imbued in us hope and determination. Yet in addition to her upbeat manner, she also possesses a sharp mind with strategic, critical thinking. We needed an expert in the area, who has done lots of varied kind of deals, knows the law and the ever-changing dynamics of the strict environmental governance at the Lake. Morgahn's professional knowledge and a willingness to trouble shoot and problem solve was and is invaluable to us.

By the way, years later, we still feel the same.

Kathy Foley / Susan Steen