Ernie Brassard captures Super Moon over Lake Tahoe


The Super Moon on New Years Day was spectacular. As we watched it from a deck on the river near the Dam, I was told about a photo taken by local photographer Ernie Brassard of the last Super Moon on December 3rd. This photo has already had over 85,000 views on his Facebook page, and endless requests for prints. You can view the photo, order a canvas print, and read about Ernie at


Ernie has a colorful and interesting background. He was a cinematographer in Vietnam from 1966 to 1970, where he shot combat footage. As a Navy diver, he was part of an elite unit, and was on the last Sea Lab before it was scrapped after a fatal accident. He was the cinematographer for CBS for many years, when there were only three networks, each with only one person in charge of all video work.

Ernie lost his entire library of work in the earthquake in 1994, and this soured him on photography for a long time. He moved to Tahoe in 1994, and was instrumental in bringing SUP to the lake. As he worked with other photographers to promote his business, his love for photography returned, and he bought his first digital camera in 2009.

Involved in surfing most of his life, Ernie had a love of the water and sport. He branched out to bring stand up paddle mainstream, and was responsible for creating the inland flat water market.

Ernie is the founder of TaHoe Nalu, which started in 2007 with only 9 locals and 35 visitors. At the time they had to share boards as the industry was still so new. This festival is now one of the largest in Tahoe, with over 400 participants and up to 4000 spectators.