Fall fun in North Lake Tahoe - Eagle Rock hike

Fall is vibrant and colorful in the Lake Tahoe area. The massive amount of snow during the winter left plenty of moisture in the ground, allowing for a long and fruitful fall season. The first snow of the 2017/2018 season, as seen below, was ironically on the last day of summer - June 21st. Predicted as a flurry, it brought more  snow than expected, and may be a sign of another decent winter ahead. Now is the time to get out and enjoy some crisp, beautiful days before winter arrives.

A favorite fall hike is Eagle Rock. The trail is well maintained and easy to manage, with the 1/4 mile trip to the top averaging 20 minutes. There are rocks at the top to work around, but the view is worth the effort. When you make it to the top you will have a panoramic view of the lake. I recommend taking a picnic with you and staying awhile to enjoy the majestic scenery.

The trail head is located at 3370 Westlake Blvd in Homewood on the Westshore. There is a small parking area at the base. Eagle Rock is an eroded, dormant volcano, and offers one of the most breathtaking views on the entire lake.  One great website to check out about this hike is https://www.theoutbound.com/lake-tahoe/hiking/hike-to-eagle-rock 

Tahoe Adventure Sports also has some great, more detailed information on this hike, as well as other activities in the area year round. http://www.tahoeadventuresports.com/hikeindex/west/eaglelake.htm

Over the next few weeks (although snow is expected again soon!) we will offer a range of suggestions for other fun fall activities. This is a favorite season for locals, and savvy visitors, as the hectic summer season is over, traffic is less crazy, the air is invigorating, and opportunities for getting out to explore endless.

Enjoy the view...it is much more spectacular in person!