TRPA Initiatives to Enhance the Community

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TRPA or the Lake Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is well known for protecting the local environment. This has sometimes come at the expense of placing restrictive measures on real estate development. Lately, TRPA is taking innovative steps that will alleviate auto congestion. They are also exploring initiatives to encourage homeowners to help close the affordability gap.

TRPA's Regional Transportation Plan

Over the years, we have seen many improvements in local transportation to alleviate the traffic congestion in the basin. While Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART) implemented buses that run from Tahoe City to Truckee, extending service into the many local neighborhoods has always been a challenge.

In 2020, TRPA developed a Lake Tahoe Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and established a regional vision, policy, and projects that will be implemented over the next 25 years.

This plan focuses on transit, trails, technology, and community improvements to reduce automobile trips, enhance access, and address climate change impacts. The Regional Transportation Plan is the result of collaboration between local organizations, community input, and guidance from elected and state officials.

They hold a vision where commuting, shopping, and recreating in Lake Tahoe will be a completely different experience. The plan calls for expanded transit services and a robust network of trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes. They are looking for convenient alternatives to travel throughout the region to homes, workplaces, schools, commercial areas, and recreation.  The end result hopes to alleviate the use of autos in the basin, and eliminate traffic congestion.


TART Connect will be rolling out on June 24th as a pilot program. This free, app-based ride service will provide curb to curb service that will extend Tahoe Area Regional Transit into the neighborhoods of North Lake Tahoe.

Service locations in North Lake Tahoe will include Dollar Hill to Tahoma, Tahoe Vista to the state line at Kings Beach, Crystal Bay and Incline Village. Riders can use TART Connect to make a connection beyond these zones to the major TART public transit hubs. This service will run 8 am to midnight between June 24th and September 6th.

TART Connect will employ 11 vehicles at any given time so that users will wait no more than 15 minutes after summoning a ride. The Tahoe Transportation District will be providing legal operating authority to Squaw Downtowner LLC.

Squaw Downtowner is a private company that will provide the vehicles, drivers and software for the service for the North Lake Tahoe Zone. They have been providing the service that connects Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows for many years. They are also experienced in transportation services in other resort areas.  

Users can download the app or call 1-530-214-5811 for a ride:

TART CONNECT on Google Play


Changes to ADCs

Another challenge that TRPA is currently working to solve is the affordability issue as area prices continue to increase. Local workers are quickly being squeezed out of the home buying and rental market at Lake Tahoe. If Lake Tahoe should become unaffordable for locals, we risk losing our work force. This includes firefighters, teachers, nurses, waiters and other service industry workers.

This issue has not only affected whether or not they can buy a home, but the rental market has also dried up. If our work force cannot find accommodations, the entire area will suffer.

An ADC or accessory dwelling unit includes a detached guesthouse or a garage with a rented apartment above. In the past, the ordinances for these units were very restrictive. Currently TRPA is re-evaluating and the good news is that we should see more flexibility. They will have a plan that encourages homeowners to build units and help create more affordable rentals for our service population.

Contact me today to learn more about whether your property qualifies for an ADC. These are all exciting initiatives that will ensure that our local community and environment can thrive.

Whether you are thinking of buying or selling your home, I’d love to show what makes Lake Tahoe a great place to live. Contact me today.