Lake Tahoe Homes with HOA Access to Pier and Buoys

Are you looking for a property with HOA access to pier and buoys? Many properties in Lake Tahoe are offered for sale with access to a homeowner’s association with a beach, buoys and pier. This is not something that can be purchased separately from ownership in a specific neighborhood. When a property is purchased in specific areas, an appurtenant interest is acquired. In other cases, membership is optional. It is important to work with a realtor in Lake Tahoe who can identify the specific neighborhoods where access of this type is available.

Although this list is not complete, below are a few of my favorites:

Lake Tahoe Park Association

Located at 1700 Sequoia Avenue in Tahoe Park, many Tahoe Park properties located within one square mile (Section 13, T-15N, R-16E of Mount Diablo Base and Meridian) have this type of access. The Lake Tahoe Park Association offers a beautiful beach with picnic tables, a pier and buoys. The area of Tahoe Park has many charming Old Tahoe cabins. Located within walking distance to the Fire Sign restaurant and Sunnyside, this adorable community beach is one of my favorites.

Agate Bay Homeowner’s Association

The Agate Bay Pier and Swim Club offers optional membership. Members can enjoy access to a swimming pool located at the north entrance to Agate Bay and also access to a Pier. They also allow homeowner members to pay $40 that allows access for renters. Access is not appurtenant to specific homes and requires separate membership. However, membership requires homeownership in the neighborhood of Agate Bay.

Ridgewood Pier Owner’s Association

Located at the 4500 block of North Lake Boulevard, the Ridgewood Pier Owner’s Association is not like other Homeowner Associations and access is waiting list only. Membership to Ridgewood requires homeownership in the Ridgewood Highland neighborhood and is capped at 51 households. In order to join, a previous member must first leave the association. The fee is $7500 to join with yearly dues of $1500. A pier and buoys are available to members.

There are many other neighborhoods that offer homeowner amenities for boat and ski enthusiasts. Contact me today for more information. I'd love to show you around.